My Eclipse Vacation 2017

Photos of the 2017 total eclipse

I am back at NQ Trader and EJSIT and all is running as usual.

The trip to photograph the 2017 eclipse was not quite as planned but otherwise successful. I am working a few more pictures and will try to post them ASAP.

The most important thing that I learned through this process is that trying to photograph an eclipse is not easy. Every article I read about shooting an eclipse started by saying don’t shoot your first one just watch it. Of course, I didn’t listen.

For me the technical aspects of the shots were very clear to me but I had no way to practice the sequences and therefor was not able to anticipate the problems that I would encounter. I had issues with blur because of the distance and shake do the clarity of the shots were not as good as I would have liked.

The weather plays a huge part in viewing and photographing an eclipse. I found myself changing plans and locations just hours prior to totality. At the last minute I drove from one side of South Carolina to the other so I would not have to worry about a chance of cloud cover.

Even with all the problems it was a great trip and I learned a lot and got some great photographs, but I would like to pass along the statement that I heard so often while researching, “don’t try to shoot your first eclipse”. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this article. If you want to see some of my pictures visit my website If you are looking for information about futures trading stop by NQ Trader and if you need help with IT visit EJSIT


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