IT’S ABOUT THE JOURNEY by Jordan Schleider

Hi I am Jordan Schleider. One of my ongoing business ventures is NQ Trade my futures trading school. I have been running NQ Trader for over 5 years. Much of my success is due to my ability to focus in on the business needs and maintain consistent positive movement on all projects as I outline from the beginning.

My hobbies include reading, photography, various activities and sports, traveling and expanding my knowledge. One of the sayings I live by is “it’s not about the destination it’s about the journey”.   By approaching life and work and pleasure with this attitude I very rarely view my experiences as negative. Most of my days are filled with learning experiences. I find myself less rushed because I no longer crave the final product as much as I enjoy the process of working through the daily tasks of moving the project forward.

Something I recently undertook to prove a point to myself was to create a small backyard garden. I spend a few days planning the space and working out the details. I found a number of suitable vegetables that would grow in my climate. I made a few trips to home depot to get all the plants and soil, mulch and edging, fertilizer and irrigation supplies. I spent a few days preparing the area and planting, then setting up the irrigation and finally finishing up the appearance with the edging and the mulch.

I tended to the garden daily for months. I watered and weeded as needed and kept a close eye out for insects and pests. Every day I watched for new growth and as vegetables became ready for harvest I collected, washed and cleaned them.

During the course of the four months I maintained the garden it provided fresh vegetables to friends and neighbors as they became available. I enjoyed all the outdoor work and I especially enjoyed watching the garden mature.

Now you might be saying to yourself this is about the destination as much as the journey, but there is something I did not tell you yet. Out of the 20 varieties of vegetables and herbs I planted and harvested I did not eat any of them myself.

After doing my careful research into what would grow in my climate I discovered that there are not many vegetables I enjoy eating that will grow. I also discovered that during the time of year I was planning the garden there are even less vegetables that will grow and none that I like. This did not denture me in the least. I continued my project without the goal or reward of the vegetables in my kitchen to look forward to eating.

In the end I had a wonderful experience creating and growing my garden and not once did I think why I am doing this for no benefit. The enjoyment and the benefit came from the journey, not the destination.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article. Jordan Schleider of NQ Trader


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