Traveling and Trading by Jordan Schleider of NQ Trader

Traveling and Trading

Hi, I am Jordan Schleider Founder and head trader at NQ Trader. I want to thank you in advance for taking the time to this article on trading futures and traveling.

I titled this article “Traveling and Trading” because these are two of my favorite things to do in life. I have spent many years learning to trade futures and then continuing to trade successfully, and then going on further to start my own futures trading school NQ Trader. Teaching futures at NQ Trader is the perfect job for someone who enjoys traveling and wants to have the free time to travel.

Futures trading takes quite a bit of patients and time to master, but after you become proficient at trading you will be able to set your own hours and days to work. Your time becomes your own and your schedule is yours to choose. You will find that a typical three day holiday weekend can easily be extended to a five to nine day vacation without adversely affecting your profits. In fact the pre and post-holiday trading periods tend to be less productive and become an ideal time for a vacation.

So how does traveling and futures trading tie together? One very important part of trading is managing your emotions. Emotions can manifest in many ways while trading. Emotional stress is a big concern for many traders and can influence the outcome of your trading. Overtrading can be another manifestation of emotional stress. This is where traveling come into the picture for me. I use traveling as an avenue to relieve emotional stress.

Over the years, I have mixed traveling and futures trading up in a way to maximize the enjoyment factor and reduce my stress. Traveling to different places gives me the opportunity to observe different cultures and in my way, unwind from the stress of trading. Some of the unique places I have visited in the past have taught me to value the place and life I have at my home. As an example, while I was traveling for a month to an exotic third world country, I was enjoying the beaches and natural beauty but worrying about food, water and shelter. All the basic necessities of life that I grew accustom to at home were things I had to work for in this beautiful place. Day to day life was not a given. Just finding fresh water was a chore. Thinking about what to eat was a stressful experience.

After returning home from an adventure like that, it almost feels too easy to live. I experience a sort of surreal feeling where if I get thirsty I walk to the sink and grab a drink of water. If I get hungry, I open the refrigerator and take out something delicious out to eat. I can even go to the grocery store and buy fresh prepared food or go to any restaurant without worrying about the food and water being safe to eat and drink.

The relaxed feelings I experience upon returning home after traveling makes the stress of futures trading seem like nothing in comparison. Using this technique to help me focus on my trading skills has greatly increased my abilities as a trader and it also helps me cope with the daily issues that come up in my work and life.

I have come to appreciate what I have much more than I ever used to. I have found I am not always is the mode of bigger and better or accumulation, but rather I am very appreciative of what I have and enjoy it much more. After seeing what other people in other parts of the world have in comparison to me I have an entirely new outlook on life.

Thanks for taking the time to read this this article and please do not hesitate to stop by NQ Trader and see me Jordan Schleider about my ideas and teaching methods for Futures trading.

Jordan Schleider is available by phone at 1-754-800-1810 of through email at

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